Here’s what you’ve been missing.
It lets you do two things at once
Experience all your favourite HD videos and stay connected to your friends at the same time. The Galaxy S III lets you watch videos while you text, browse, or write an email.
It always sees your best side
Capture your favourite moments with a single touch. Burst Shot takes 20 photos instantly, while Best Photo takes 8 photos and chooses the best one for you.
It shares large files, faster.
You can share photos, videos, and even large documents from one phone to another. Just touch your phone to another Galaxy S III and you and your friends can easily beam files back and forth.
Capture and create
Freely capture and create ideas anywhere anytime with full-touch and pen input. The innovative S Pen lets you write notes and emails in freeform handwriting or sketch drawings easily and accurately on the go.
Bigger is better
The large 5.3” HD display gives you a high-resolution screen for an immersive viewing experience, while still providing smartphone portability. You can see more and do more, while you’re on the go.
It’s a tablet, phone, notepad, music player and more
Now you’re free to capture and create as you would on a tablet, but it’s still portable enough to be a smartphone. You can take notes faster, enjoy digital media in a larger format, and have an entertainment hub that you can carry anywhere.